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Your Step-By-Step Hockey Training Blueprint To Give You Explosive Legs, A Rock Solid Core And A Shot That Fills Goalies With Fear. Guaranteed.

A new hockey specific workout with tutorial videos each month for less than 1/10th the cost of a personal trainer.

From the Desk of Maria Mountain, MSc
London, Ontario CANADA

Dear Motivated Hockey Player,
This is a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question. Get it? You must answer either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following question…

Are you as good a hockey player as you would like to be?
Yes or No.

If you answered, ‘YES’, then you can go back to updating your status on Facebook. This letter is only for the players with the desire to be better.

Before you read anything else on this page (I mean it, don’t read any more), I want you to list the top five reasons why you are not as good as you could possibly be. Even if you do well on the ice. Even if you are a second line guy. Even if you are one of the top 3 players on your team, list the five reason you are not as good as possibly could be. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

Okay, have you finished? Now let me guess some of the things that made your list…

  • stronger legs
  • better core stability so you don’t get pushed off the puck
  • faster skater
  • stop tweaking my hip flexor 3 times per season
  • not run out of gas by the third period
  • better shot
  • more power through my full stride
  • more confidence on the ice

Great, so now we know how to make you the player you want to be. So here is the next question.

What do you need to DO to become that player?

Let’s list this out as well…

  • strength train to build strength in your legs
  • do core stabilization exercises that will actually help you play bigger on the ice (because those crunches aren’t helping)
  • work on explosive power
  • find out which stretches will help injury-proof your hips
  • work harder in practice
  • hire a trainer
  • get a bigger chest so you feel more confident in the locker room (okay that one is a little vain, but okay)
  • do some running or biking to build your endurance

That wasn’t so bad was it? Now you know what you need to be better at, you have some good ideas about how you can be better in those areas (a few of them are totally wrong, but at least you have some ideas). I think your best idea might be to hire a trainer who has experience helping hockey players dominate on the ice. A trainer who understands the muscle imbalances specific to hockey players that cause those common injuries and more importantly one who knows how to minimize the risk of injury.

If you can do that, then do yourself a favour and start asking your friends and teammates who they use. Then go for a consultation and see what you think. Where I live and work the average trainer is about $85 per hour and the rates go as high as $170 per hour (I know that is the highest because that is what I charge for private training).

That may sound like a lot, but a good trainer is worth every penny. I can charge $170 per hour because I have trained 6 Olympic medalists (including 2 Gold medalists), a Stanley Cup Champion, World Series pitcher and countless other athletes to personal bests, scholarships and professional contracts.

PROBLEM: A Private Trainer Is Not The Answer For Everyone.

Unfortunately not everyone has access to a good personal trainer. This can be due to your schedule, the town you live in or financial restrictions.

So what does that mean? Does that mean you are stuck being the player you are today? Does that mean you will keep getting beaten to the loose puck three times each game? Does that mean your coach will tell you he loved your hustle out there tonight, then follow it with the dreaded “but” comment – But you need to win the battles in the corner – But you cannot stand still in the third period – you know what I am talking about right?

How would it feel to have your coach tell you how much he loved your hustle out there AND how great it was when you got back on D just in time to prevent the breakaway. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME? Let’s make that happen.

SOLUTION: You Get Two Trainers For The Price Of One

If you have followed me online for a while, you know that I have been working with a lot of goalies for the last few years. I still work with skaters in the gym, but online, the goalies have been getting most of my lovin’. Enter my partner in crime at Revolution Conditioning, Coach Tyler Doig.

He has been watching me work online with the goalies and being a former OHL and AHL skater himself, he wanted to know why we didn’t give the skaters as much help. He even accused me of trying to give goalies an unfair advantage.

The truth is I am kept too busy with running Revolution Conditioning, training private clients AND running So Tyler offered to step in and help with the development and administration of this site while sharing his unique experiences and expertise from the trenches. You are gonna get the best of both worlds here. Welcome to the Club, enjoy your stay.

Committed to your success,




This is where you can cut through the clutter, bad advice and outright lies that you stumble across when you are searching for training programs that will actually help you become a better player. You know you are playing below your potential, but it is not your fault. In fact most of the players who come to work with us at Revolution Conditioning have been training, they have been trying to do the right thing, but instead of dominating on the ice, they have been getting slower and more injury prone.

They have been working hard on the wrong things. Many of them have even spent the money to work with the ‘trainer du jour’. They don’t understand why they didn’t see improvements on the ice after all the tire flipping and sledge hammering they did during the off-season.

MYTH: Flipping tires and swinging a sledge hammer makes you a better hockey
FACT: Although both do require strength, it is at the expense of proper mechanics. What that means is it teaches the player to use their muscles in a way that overloads the structure of their lower back (read: can lead to serious back injuries). I’m not saying it isn’t fun, nor am I arguing that it looks bad-ass. I am just telling you it is not the best way to train for hockey.

MYTH: If you need more endurance on the ice you should go for a 5-mile run three times per week.
FACT: Going for a 5-mile run will actually make you slower on the ice. This type of training develops the energy sytem a marathon runner needs, not the one a hockey player needs.

MYTH: Stretching will prevent hip flexor strains and sports hernias.
FACT: It is true that a regular flexibility regimen can help reduce your risk of hip flexor strains, but typically there is more to these injuries than you see on the surface. Usually it is a muscle imbalance that actually creates the injury. Unless you address that muscle activation pattern, you are destine to be ‘that guy’ with the recurring injuries every season. Gives You A Monthly Road Map To Success

Just like your GPS updates the directions as you get closer to your destination, leads you step by step, month by month to progressively more challenging workouts as your body becomes stronger and more efficient.

Here’s How It Works…
  • You register as a member of
  • You automatically get a 60-Day No-Hassle-No-Questions-Asked-Full-Moneyback-Guarantee
  • Each and every month you get a new hockey specific off-ice training program including workouts for flexibility, strength, stability, speed and stamina.
  • The program follows the science of athlete adaptation through periodization, which means each month’s workout build on the work you did in the previous training cycle. This is not just a collection of exercises selected at random.
  • We have added a video tutorial to each workout so we can teach you exactly how to do each exercise to maximize effectiveness and minimize risk.
  • In addition to your training program outline, you get pre-made training log pages so you can record your progress.
  • You can download any of the material you wish to your hard drive, memory stick, smart phone, etc – if you are the tech savvy type. Or just watch it all on your computer with the click of a button.
Did I mention the full money back (yes all of it) GUARANTEE?

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked Hassle Free GUARANTEE. Even if you are just too lazy to do the workouts, we will STILL give you your money back. Please take it!
Get FULL AND TOTAL ACCESS to the Membership Area, the off-ice training program workouts, monthly workouts, and MORE for just $9.95/month!

READ THIS: This is a membership site, so you will be billed on a monthly basis until you cancel your membership. The programs are entirely downloadable, you will NOT be sent anything by mail.

I’ll Even Give You The FIRST FOUR Training Modules Up Front! That’s Four Months Of Hockey Specific Workouts For ONLY $7.00 When You Click The “Buy Now” Button Below.


ONE MORE THING…Two Fast Action Bonuses For You…

For a VERY LIMITED TIME you will also get the brand new Hockey Speed Secrets program. This has not even been release for individual sale (yet). Here’s what you get…

hockey speed training

  • pro hockey workout revealedComplete on-ice speed and stamina workouts including video and training manual to show you how the exercises and drills fit together.
  • Pro Hockey Workout Revealed bonus offer giving you access to one of the exact workouts I use with one of my pro players – includes warm-up routine, lower body workout, upper body workout, speed and stamina workouts. And of course I made a video tutorial for you so you know what I am talking about when I say “Wide Out Quick Hop”


nutrition guide for hockey players

Don’t worry, I am not going to bombard you with a bunch of ‘bonuses that you won’t use and you don’t need. I will add bonuses to your Dashboard from time to time when I come across something that will really enhance the benefits from your training and I want to start you with the most important one – NUTRITION…

  • How much protein do you really need?
  • Discover the most important time to eat.
  • Get sample meal plans
  • Find out what carbs you need to avoid and when to avoid them.


READ THIS: This is a membership site, so you will be billed on a monthly basis until you cancel your membership. The programs are entirely downloadable, you will NOT be sent anything by mail.

This program has been closed to enrollment. If you are already a member, you will continue to have access. If you would like to be notified as soon as it is open for enrollment, simply enter your best email below and I will let you know.

Don’t Forget, You Get Access To The FIRST FOUR Training Modules Up Front – TODAY For ONLY $9.95. Then You Get Another Module Added To Your Dashboard Every Month, Until You Decide That You No Longer Want To Be A Member Of The Hockey Workout Club.


No Thanks. I’ll pass on this offer.

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